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GivBux Inc, and offer a full refund Money Back Guarantee based off all proprietary products and or services owned, sold or distributed by GivBux either through a retail network or e-commerce online sales.. All other products and or services offered through the system shall fall under the preferred partners terms and conditions. At anytime if a GivBux user would like to cancel their account and receive a refund GivBux will comply.

 NOTE: GivBux rewards and bonuses are not eligible for refund at anytime, only real load dollars from a users bank account or credit card are able to refunded.

 GivBux strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction; therefore, will refund full money for your purchase if you are not satisfied with our service. Our applications and services all include unquestionable money back guarantee, since we take into consideration the cases when someone will make a purchase (application funding load) from us and subsequently find that the service doesn’t fit their demands, or come up to their particular expectations. In the unlikely event you are not 100% satisfied with our services, you are free to request your load amount back at anytime. GivBux operates under a cancel at any time policy and you can simply request for GivBux to stop your monthly billing (if applicable) or simply stop using the service.

 GivBux believes that we offer the most affordable, robust and reliable service in the industry and that’s why we stand behind our refund & return policy, our terms and conditions and our privacy policy with great pride. So if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our services simply contact us within the allotted 14 day refund period and we will process your request no questions asked. It’s that simple.

 RETURNS: Most returns on products purchased will be handled by our vendor partners at the store level and will function within their return policy guidelines. This may be a direct return of monies, a store credit, etc. GivBux Inc and will in a rare case return the purchasers GivBux dollars back into their account. This style of return has a minimum 7 days processing timeframe as the vendor will be responsible for returning any purchasing funds back to GivBux before the GivBux purchaser account can be credited.