At GivBux we like to say, “It pays to give.”
GBX International takes this one step further by adding,
“We pay you to help others save, earn, give and prosper.”
GBX pays you for paying it forward.
– GBX Founding Team




About Us

GBX International assists entrepreneurs to transition from limited wages to unlimited profits. By simply sharing the benefits and rewards of our program with others, you can build a true passive residual income. The culture of GBX International is about consistently cultivating a community of inclusion, integrity, positivity, equality, opportunity, abundance and giving. Our hybrid compensation plan was designed to generously reward those who help expand our reach by adding customers, non-profit organizations and merchants to our unique platform.

Making a Difference

GBX International is a vehicle that lets you do very well for yourself while at the same time doing good for others.
Profits are better than wages and profits are everywhere.

Every time a purchase is made, a profit is generated and someone gets “a piece of the pie”. GBX is designed to make that pie larger,
so that merchants earn more, buyers save more, and charitable giving is automatically included. And most importantly, GBX rewards you handsomely for building our network of users.

The Benefits of a Hybrid…

The hybrid compensation plan is designed to rapidly create earnings for independent acquisitions, as well as generate exponential benefits for team building and long-term residual income.

See our GBX compensation plan for full details.

Create the Life Your Family Deserves

The GBX compensation plan not only pays you when you enroll new merchants, but also every time one of our members makes a purchase at those businesses. Plus you make a percentage of all transactions that go through the GivBux Pay platform at your personally enrolled merchant locations.

See our GBX compensation plan for full details

Thank you for accepting our invitation to change the way the world gives. Secure your financial future by helping us make GBX International the largest, most prosperous and charitable network on the planet.

Thank you for helping make our dream come true

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